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Links Security news ticker

Free virus and security scanning tools from Symantec:

Free e-mail attachment security check from GFI Ltd.

Free port scan tools: - simple scan, nice interface - the original "Shields up!" - some free scans for home and corporate customers - our favourite, offers a few different scans, takes a while to complete. - a few harmless exploits demonstrating/testing weaknesses in Internet Explorer, Netscape and Outlook Express:

SANS Institute: - home page - top twenty security vulnerabilities list

News and research from NGSSoftware: - advisories and white papers - NGSSoftware in the news

News and articles from Security Focus Online:

Manuals from Ankit Fadia, The Hacking Truths:

"The ABCs of Security" from - an excellent primer paper with great links. Response procedures, legal considerations, ROI, etc.


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