Computer Sapiens Technologies, Ltd.

Custom courseware

Computer Sapiens Technologies, Ltd. is no longer in operation. If you find any part of this site useful, feel free to browse.


We are currently developing custom courseware for independent schools.  The titles in development are:

Securing Microsoft networks (5 days)

Oracle 9i DBA curriculum:

            Communicating with Oracle: SQL and iSQL*Plus (3 days)
            Managing Oracle: Architecture and Administration (5 days)
            Protecting Oracle: Oracle Data Guard, Backup and Recovery (4 days)
            Networking Oracle: Net*8 Architecture and Configuration (2 days)
            Tuning Oracle: Oracle 9i Performance Tuning (5 days)
            Securing Oracle: Oracle Advanced Networking and Security (2 days)

Oracle 9i New Features for Oracle 8.0 and 8i DBA's (5 days)